Saturday, June 8, 2013

Sometimes you can't go back

I had a gig awhile back with a singer that the guitarist couldn't stand - he was just playing with her for the money. We took a break from rehearsal to get some food, and a car drove by blasting some Van Halen. Hell yes, I say as Eddie's guitar solo on Hot for Teacher filled our section of Bleeker Street.
  Yeah, says the guitarist. I remember when I used to listen to that shit.

   Oh I'll still throw on some VH, I say, not really surprised at young guitar nazi's lack of enthusiasm - I guess I never moved on!

  Yeah, well, I have.

  Well I guess he's not only a more skilled musician than I am (which he is), but a better human being as well for being able to leave his childhood in the dust. 

   A short while later, the singer's personal issues (culminating in her inability to show up for her own rehearsals) forced the drummer to call it a day with this project. I followed. Guess who stayed on...

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