Wednesday, June 5, 2013


This has been in the works for quite sometime now. And by "in the works", I mean sometime in the past year I thought that maybe, just maybe, complaining about the frequent failures within my livelihood on social media is something I've taken about as far as it can go. It's blogtime people.

  When you aspire towards, and ultimately follow through with a career in music or any of the arts really, you are, in a sense, asking for it. You realize (hopefully) that much of your income is not guaranteed, despite the fact that with enough hard work you can establish yourself enough to live reasonably comfortably. You accept the fact that your travel, sleeping, and eating situations are not always optimal. Your equivalent of a big business meeting (audition or rehearsal), presentation (concert or recording session), overtime pay (insert incessant laughter here) or job interview (do you know Sweet Caroline?), are subject to drastic changes at any time. And by any time, I mean as you pull into a parking spot ready to unload your gear.

  You put up with all this to wake up each afternoon looking forward to doing what you do, and the surprises and adventures that sustain, and perhaps partially derail your life. Routine is barely existent, if at all. New friends are made on a weekly basis. A relaxing drink or four is enjoyed. Your texting plan proves insufficient, but your increasing influx of gigs pays for an upgrade, which in turn leads to more gigs that actually force you to stay at 500 texts because you nearly blew the head gasket on your car getting from one gig to the next. But in short, despite what I've lead many to believe, life is good. I love to play, I get to do so with lots of people on a daily basis, and some fools even pay me to do it. May those fools live long and prosperously. The failures will happen, some worse than others (I mean, look at all the time I have right this minute) - and you can't have a little fun with them, you're in the wrong business. In other words, you're probably in a real business. This is The Gigfail Scrapbook. Enjoy,


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