Thursday, February 6, 2014

A quote from a live music room's website

Wish I could take credit for this gem. Thanks Nick.

"Almost all musicians prefer the tip jar system because they make more money when the tip jar is passed around than they ever would with a cover etc. This works for the artists because we do not take any percentage or cut from the collection. All the money collected goes to the artists."

I'd like to meet these musicians who prefer playing a gig where the only compensation is from a tip jar.


  1. ah, tip-jars. the musician's atm.

  2. Let me just say, no sarcasm, that once we passed a humongous vase as a tip jar at a free concert and it was incredible! Almost everyone put in $20. AMAZING. I would say that in that case, it was true. Also, the woman who passed it around was hilarious.