Monday, May 19, 2014

Hey you sound great, come check out my gigs and maybe you'll play on them but not really!

Hey Jimmy, you sound great! Hope we can play together sometime. I'll send you some tunes. Really dig your playing!

(one week later) Hey Johnny, never got those tunes, did you send em?

Oh, sorry Jimmy - I'll send them later this week.

Ok, thanks Johnny.

(one month later) Hey Jimmy, I'm playing at club *&#%$ tomorrow at 9pm, hope you can make it!

(weeks go by) Hey Jimmy, I need a guy for a date next month, are you free? Ok, awesome!

Jimmy - the club said good to go for this date. But now my regular guy is free, but my drummer pulled out so I need a sub for him but I don't wanna have 2 subs, so I'm gonna have to go with my regular guy. Sorry man. But since you're free you should come check it out!

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