Sunday, June 23, 2013

2012-13: The Hits

Wow, that's a lot bigger than what I play

Is that a cello?

I'm wondering if you can do a gig, it's kind of an emergency

It doesn't pay, but it's really good exposure

I'm planning on getting some better paying gigs in the future

Here's a song we might do

Bring your upright - just in case

Wow that's a big (insert instrument here) you've got there

Don't you wish you played the flute?

I have a gig on December 20th 2014, it pays (insert weak dollar amount here) - please let me know right away if you can do it, I really need to get it covered

   "Would you like to tip the band?"
   "Actually I'm in the band - isn't that kinda like tipping myself?"

The form of this tune is ABCADDACBA

This tune is really easy, you'll get it right away - it's just G D C for 8 measures and then it goes to E minor. Cool, right? OK, here's the bridge, it's a little tricky...


Yes sir, you are correct. It is, in fact, the fuckin band.

I don't have charts, but it's totally fine if you make your own.

I don't have the mp3s but just get them off iTunes and I'll pay you back.

I don't have any recordings, but the charts are clear right?


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