Friday, July 5, 2013

It's not all about me

No, contrary to popular belief, I do not own all the hits:

"Why are you here?" Courtesy of Christine Tambakis. Not much to say here I suppose, save for 500 possible answers to that question.

"The help never eats before the guests". Courtesy of Matt Detroy. Funniest to me is thinking of myself in such a situation as "the help." Although I suppose some guests could find some assistance from my supportive basslines and floor shaking thump and pop technique.
And last but not least, from guitarist John Tuohy; "Hi John, the [insert name of nice theater] is doing a performance of [well known modern musical]. It consists of 5 performances and 3 rehearsals, [about 1 hour away from my house]. Pay is $150. This could be a GREAT opportunity to make contacts, and maybe get paid more the next time. Let me know if you're interested." 

Which brings me to a show I had been offered this past winter -

Orchestra Sitzprobe Sat Jan 19 12-4pm
Dress 2 Fri evening Jan 25
Opening Night Sat Jan 26 8pm
Sun Jan 27 3pm
Fri Feb 1 8pm
Sat Feb 2 8pm
Sun Feb 3 3pm
Fri Feb 8 8pm
Sat Feb 9 2pm & 8pm
YES Closing Sun Feb 17 3pm

Grand total: $150, and that's with the person I'd be subbing for throwing in an extra $50. Assuming each show is 2 hours, that comes to $6.25 an hour. Is Burger King hiring?

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  1. Dare I ask what "Orchestra Sitzprobe" means? It sounds painful.