Thursday, August 22, 2013


-Play something we can dance to!

-Can you guys play something awesome?

-Do you guys know "Sweet Caroline"? (Asked at a show with an instrumental fusion/metal band)

-You guys HAVE to play (      )! You TOTALLY know it. Hey (other drunk idiot), they're gonna play (     )!

-Can you spin the bass around while you play it?

-Can you slap the bass?

-Can I slap your bass?

-You guys don't have a singer? Can you get one? Or how bout I sing!!

-Can I sit in? I play (    ).

-I know the lyrics if you guys can just play it.

-Is your (any member of the band besides you) single?

-You GOOOOTTTTTTTTAAAAA play some Sublime!

-You guys can step it up this set if you want.

-Can you guys turn down actually?

-I hear you guys do a jazz version of Happy Birthday?

-Do you take requests?


  1. -Play your favorite song.

    -Do you know "Baby, It's Cold Outside?" (to a band playing in the summer with only one singer)

  2. "You're not going to play any originals, are you?"

  3. Only if you're a club owner that hires cover bands.