Thursday, August 22, 2013

How to get people to play your gig. No, really...

  I'm going to be doing the long standing Blues Jam at (venue) once a month. But I'm going to put a twist on it. It's going to be called Dan Asher's Blues Bootcamp. The purpose is for the older cats to hang and jam with the younger cats. The house band will change every month. It doesn't pay for shit. I'm going to use a 4 piece unit as usual for a house band. Of course my guys either DARocks or DABlues will get priority. But for as little bread as it is I can't imagine them wanting to do it every month. It will also give me an opportunity to jam with some young cats and share the experience of playing the blues. If you are interested in doing the house band gig, please join this group. I'll select cats from this group. We will also have one unpaid guy in the houseband preferably a younger or less experienced player. YOU MUST BE WILLING TO HAVE OTHER PEOPLE USE YOUR GEAR!!!!

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